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We sell vintage audio equipment. We're talking high-end tube equipment like microphones, tape recorders, amplifiers, spare parts and consoles. We handle brands like: Neumann, AKG, Telefunken, Melodium, Western Electric, TAB, Hiller, Eckmiller, Funke, AVO, Revox, Studer, Altec, Collins, Dynacord, Tuchel, Schoeps, Westrex, EMT, RCA, etc...

This site is about more than selling. Topics include:


This is where you can read something about the background of Bavo Dekker Vintage Audio.

Bavo sells:

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We got loads of background information on all kinds of topics. Each 1st of the month we'll add a new article to the database. Complete with in depth info and pictures.


You can contact us by pressing the "Contact Bavo" button on the left of the screen. Don't be afraid to ask us anything. We would be happy to answer all of your vintage audio questions. We also have a large library of documentation, plus enough contacts to get you the equipment you need.